I'm a wife, mother, and photographer, born and raised in the UK, currently exploring the delicious food, greenery, and wine of the Pacific Northwest.  I'm married to the love of my life and my biggest supporter. Without his infectious excitement and irresistible cocktails, this dream of being a photographer would not be possible.


Photography allows me to express emotion, creativity, and growth through this boundless artistic medium. From the tenderness captured between loved ones to the intimate journey of motherhood, I thoroughly enjoy being part of my client's lives.  

I try to live by the wise counsel: "Love is patient and kind," and "go on walking in love"; however, my two-year-old son will testify that this is still a work in progress (especially pre-coffee)!  My son has inspired so many areas of my life beyond imagination. He has motivated me to play in the rain (which is convenient given our weather!), gaze at the moon, embrace the mess, and cherish the moments.  Without him, Nadia Chapman Photography wouldn't exist.