Senior Influencer Team

Class of 2023

Applications are now open for the class of '23! 


Become a senior influencer for access to exclusive photoshoots, travel, gifts and more!

Exclusive Photoshoots

This year we are going BIG on location!  Selected influencers will be part of some epic styled photoshoots.  One of our locations this year will be in the Alvord Desert, OR.

Exclusive Wardrobe

 Well this is your opportunity.  Senior Influencers will have styled photoshoots with designer gowns.  The select few will have multiple shoots with a a large selection of outfits available for each one.

Exclusive Gifts

The moment the senior influencer team are selected, we will celebrate!  Each team member will receive a goodie bag with high end gifts, and thats just the beginning!  

An opportunity to be part of a team who love to travel and be photographed.  Senior Influencers will have access to exclusive photoshoots, in beautiful locations, with access to designer wardrobe and professional makeup and grooming.


The Answers You Need

The role of the Senior Influencer is to promote Nadia Chapman Photography to other seniors.   Each senior influencer will be rewarded for every senior booking they refer.  Additional gifts and incentives will be available based on the number of referrals acheived.

Looks great!  But what do I need to do?

A parent or guardian MUST be in attendance at all meetings and photoshoots, otherwise the senior influencer will not be able to take part.  For this reason, please consider parent/guardian availability when applying

How involved will My Parent Be?

There is no cost to be a senior influencer.  In fact, you will make money.  Senior influencers have the opportunity to purchase their images from an exclusive discounted price list, only available to senior influencers (something parents will appreciate!).

What does it cost to be a senior influencer?

Complete the form below, and you'll be directed to the Senior Influencer Application Form.  Allow 30minutes to complete the form.  After the application period is closed, those selected for the next round will be invited to a zoom interview.  Following all interviews, the successful candidates will be notified!

How do I become an Influencer?

December 31st 2021 

When does the application period close?

Digital images are not included by default, however they are included in the exclusive senior influencer packages.  Senior influencers are not obliged to purchase any prints or digitals.  They can choose to participate and simply enjoy the experience!

Do I get all the digitals from my photoshoots?

Senior influencers will enjoy a variety of prizes and incentives based on referrals.  Everyone will receive a goodie bag with bluetooth speaker, Popl and other goodies.  Other prizes include cash gift cards, experiences and a top prize of $1000 to the senior influencer with the most referrals!

What are some of the prizes available?

Ready to Apply?

Complete the form below to be directed to the application form.  

(the application form will take 20-30mins to complete)